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It’s been said by people around me that I’m obsessed. It’s even gone as far as saying I’m still in love with ‘him’. It is so frustrating to live in a very small world where the only people who understand what I’m dealing with are other folks who are dealing with a psychopath. So far, EVERYONE who has been in my life since before the divorce has grossly underestimated the endurance of my pet Narcissist. All matters have been ruled on by one court or another, but unfortunately, family court is in the business of perpetuating their own caseload. My attorney has graciously accepted a discounted flat payment for helping me, but I know he probably felt the psychopath would give up sooner than later. To his credit, we all felt that way. I mean, who would spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to overturn a Juvenile court JUDGE (not a commissioner). BUT, I’m the one labeled with ‘OBSESSED’. The only person who did not call me obsessed was a girl who could put my “obsession” to shame. I’ve shown the courts all I can show and I let them decided for themselves. Funny, the longer my Narcopath keeps up his assault in court, the more he gives them in ammunition.
My obsession comes into play when I spend hours of time mounting a paper battle against him. It’s not even against him, it’s simply to keep those involved in my case apprised of updates and the facts of the case. I can’t help that it takes 10 pages to summarize the chaos created by “the other side”. When you are formally charged (later dismissed) with “failure to protect” the very babies I birthed out of my body, it launches an unmistakable, assertive defense against future allegations. The average human being calls it “obsessive”. Those of you in the know call it proactive. Still, when forced to rely on friends, family, childcare because you are fighting pure evil itself (and trying to stay one step ahead of it), they grow weary and impatient quickly.
When all is said and done, be on the safer end of things and portray the MODESTLY protective parent; not overboard or overbearing, but safe and mentally stable