I created this page in hopes to educate Family Law officials (Judges, Attorneys, Mediators, Guardian At Litems, etc) about Narcissistic, Histrionic and Borderline Personality Disorders and the portal of abuse inflicted through the Family Law Court. I also wanted to educate the mother or father who entered into a custody dispute that was seemingly neverending. My personal crusade began in two courts simultaneously; the Juvenile Dependency Court in San Bernardino County and a small Family Law courtroom in a very nepotistic community in the high desert of California. Throughout my court battle, I discovered I was thrust into a war with a Malignant Narcissist intent on “winning” despite his complete lack of desire to genuinely parent. Nearly four years later, my attorney hired me as a paralegal (with no formal education) solely based on the knowledge acquired throughout my turbulent venture through observation of social workers, paralegals and attorneys, and the ability to maneuver the stacks of legal paperwork done on my own. I have since seen a painful deficit in knowledge and understanding of Personality Disordered individuals and how it can affect the courtroom maneuverability and settlement. From my experience, the problem is not whether an attorney can tell if a case is going to be “high conflict”; it’s a lack of understanding why it will be high conflict and why total resolution will never come to fruition without staunch measures taken. I also offer my sincerest empathy for those caught in these situations with no emotional support systems to lean on. I hope to empower you with practical tools and tips that will help you present your matter in a manner embraced by those who have charge over your case. This is site began as a blog for family, friends, and clients to see play-by-play how a divorce in a California courtroom with a Narcissist played out. Since my case is somewhat dormant, it has morphed into a venue, like many others, to provide resources to educate on all aspects of the relationship with a Narcissism and how to heal and move forward in life. With experience now inside a Family Law practice in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, I will be tapping into Borderline and Histrionic Personality Disorders as well. Basically, the labels themselves don’t really matter, it’s how you respond to the antics. I encourage those of you who are stuck in the addiction aspect of removing yourself from the clutches of the Narcissist/Sociopath to explore MelanieToniaEvans.com and her NARP program which I have found essential for true recovery. There is a ton of free information as well as her radio blog show which is loaded with information and testimonials (including mine). If I help someone along the way, it was well worth it.