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If I help someone along the way, it was well worth it.

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Divorcing A Narc-opath

This page was created in hopes to educate about Narcissistic, Histrionic and Borderline Personality Disorders and the portal of abuse inflicted through the Family Law Court.

This is site began as a blog for family, friends, and clients to see play-by-play how a divorce in a California courtroom with a Narcissist played out. 


Why This Website

Become Your Own Advocate

Dealing with personal issues can make one feel defeated. Please know that you are not alone. The best thing you can do is put all your positive energy into your children and try to stay away from the negative thoughts that can easily consume you. 

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Lemons Into Lemonade

I'm sure you've heard it before; when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  I never dreamed, in a million years that I would become a paralegal.  Looking back, as a child, I imagined myself married to a military man with a respectable career and being the best...

A court game of chess…

Yesterday was a win/lose day. Oh, I won... All of my hours, money, resources proved "he was able to do/work SOMETHING for a living", but they lowered the support by another $250 (basing it on imputed minimum wage) because I couldn't prove HOW MUCH he was making; I...

Wondering what the future holds…

Do you remember "Choose Your Own Adventure" books? The ones where you decide what the character is going to do at the end of every page and follow the instructions to the next storyline? I loved being an active part in deciding the fate of my character. Nowadays,...